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Skiing In Croatia – Croatia, one among the newly emerging European nations, has seen a tremendous turnaround in fortunes over the last decade. Since it’s become more involved in the European Union, and European integration, it’s become distinctly more tourist-friendly, and maybe an excellent spot to vacation together with your family on a budget. With a variety of well-positioned mountain resorts, Croatia is ideally fitted to skiers of all abilities and ages, making it an excellent all-round holiday destination.

If you’re trying to find a skiing holiday that mixes excellent snow with a warm, friendly climate, Croatia is just ideal for you. With numerous strategically located ski resorts, Croatia may be a nation of ski lovers, and this is often reflected in their amazing facilities. When in Croatia, you’d be mad to miss the Bjelolasica.


The Bjelolasica is the training center for the Olympic skiing team, located within the Zagreb region. It boasts amazing facilities and is just an excellent place to travel skiing. As you would possibly expect, the quality of coaching there’s simply world-class, and this accounts for why the Croatian national team is so prolific. On top of this, the hotel facilities are exceptional value for money, and you’ll find that with any Croatian holiday, you’ll be spending but you’ll imagine. As a growing nation, Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular skiing destination, for enthusiasts of all ages and skills.


Platak (Skiing In Croatia)

Another very fashionable Croatian skiing resort is Platak, located nearer the Adriatic. a touch costlier, and somewhat more remote than Bjelolasica, Platak remains a really popular resort and is usually rated the simplest place to ski in Croatia. the entire resort built around the naturally ideal ski center is of high quality, and it’s easy to ascertain why tourists come year on year for his or her skiing vacations. A resort considerably on the grow, there are plans to introduce several new ski lifts, and a dozen additional snow cannons by 2010. Platek looks to be a promising resort for the longer term and is certainly great for a skiing vacation with a family.

Additionally, Platak’s skiing and snowboarding instruction center are well-practiced at giving exceptional quality training, across multiple languages, making for substantial improvement to your skills, no matter your nationality. Additionally, with its high tech features, Platak could easily slot in with any European resort, and for such a coffee price, it’s great value for the money.

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When in Croatia, does because the Croatians’ do, and visit Zagreb. The bustling city of Zagreb has such a lot to supply by way of Croatian culture and history and is a superb chance to interrupt faraway from the slopes for a couple of days. it’s truly a cultural hotbed, and therefore the hustle and bustle will betray the long and arduous past.

Looming above Zagreb is Mount Medvednica, and therefore the Sljeme resort. With both daytime skiing and therefore the option of hitting the flood-lit slopes in the dark. in conjunction with highly technical snow cannons, Zagreb benefits from excellent snow coverage at this altitude and may be a fantastic city for a resort. Additionally, there’s such a lot by way of additional, complementary facilities which make skiing at Sljeme a perfect prospect.

Many people are surprised to think that Croatia actually borders Italy. However, the culture is so different from the Italian culture. With a completely different history and culture, the Croatians certainly place heavy emphasis on their food, and this is often reflected within the high-quality gourmet restaurants available. Additionally, you’ll note exactly how cheap the whole country is, together with your average pint of ale coming in at but a dollar. In Croatia, your pocket money will go tons further, then will your holiday, which is why numerous families choose it as a perfect destination for his or her skiing break. So why not choose Croatia, and enjoy world-class Skiing In Croatia, at a fraction of the worth.

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