Best Places in Peloponnese in Greece for Your Vacation

Peloponnese in Greece – As one of the birthplaces of modern civilization, its glorious and historic past, delicious cuisine, warm climate, and impeccable beaches, Greece invites travelers seeking a getaway out of the ordinary.

Natural beauty competes with man-made wonders in the sun-kissed province of Peloponnese, with olive groves, mountain peaks, vineyards, and pristine white-sand beaches. You can choose to relax by the sea, explore mysterious buildings, or take part in a vibrant and exciting celebration of Greek culture.

Some of the Best Places in Peloponnese in Greece

1. Epidaurus

Epidaurus in Greece

The first Best Place in Peloponnese in Greece is Epidaurus. The site of this spectacular giant theater is arguably still perfectly intact, considering that it is thousands of years old since it was built in the 4th century BC. Still, in use today, if you’re lucky you can catch various shows here and enjoy the near-perfect acoustics. This magnificent ancient site can still hold an audience of up to 14,000 people, and the entire audience can still hear the sound of the match on stage, thanks to its superior design. There is a nearby museum that displays information about the construction of this theater, as well as the history of Epidaurus, which was famous as a center for the healing arts in ancient times.

2. Mycenae – Peloponnese in Greece

These stunning ruins of a civilization that flourished four thousand years ago have enormous stone foundations and are in excellent condition of preservation. You can still walk through the famous Lion’s Gate, climb into secret tanks, and explore the royal tombs of tholos.

Mycenae in Greece

The ruins of the Acropolis, once the home of Agamemnon and his wife Clytemnestra, are scattered throughout the valley and the olive groves. From here you can enjoy stunning views from every corner of the layout of the ancient city and the high mountain peaks around it. If you are interested in the life history of the people who lived here, you can pay a visit to the Mycenae Archeology Museum, located just about a mile from the ruins.

3. Mystras

The next Best Place in Peloponnese in Greece is Mystras. Situated inland from the coast in the southern Peloponnese region and framed by the lofty peaks of Mount Taygetos, Mystras has its hilltop palaces, Byzantine churches with orange tile roofs, views of mountain peaks, and lush green valleys. The city served as the capital of the Peloponnese in the 14th and 15th centuries, ruled by relatives of the Byzantine emperor. Some buildings, such as Agios Dimitrios and Pantanassa, still feature-rich murals dating back several hundred years.

Mystras Peloponnese in Greece

For stunning natural views, you can hike one of the trails at the Lagadas Hiking Park, some of which have waterfalls. The area is also famous for its olives that grow on fertile soil, you can also enjoy delicious meals that incorporate local produce at the town’s cafes.

4. Ancient Olympia -Peloponnese in Greece

Nearly three thousand years have passed since this region held its first Olympic Games in the shadow of the majestic Mount Kronos, a tribute to the god, Zeus. The remains of a temple honoring Zeus and Hera can still be found here. The fire for the modern Olympics is still burning in front of the Temple of Hera.

Ancient Olympia

The landmark of the site is its 200 meters (650 ft) stadium track, which enters through a long, curved tunnel. The vast nature reserve complex built to house competitors thousands of years ago has yielded numerous artifacts, exhibited at the Olympia Archaeological Museum.

5. Simos Beach

Peloponnese in Greece - Simos Beach

The next Best Place in Peloponnese in Greece is Simon Beach. The tiny island of Elafoniso, which is home to Simos Beach, is often hailed by locals as the best beach in the Peloponnese. The clear water that reflects the blue sky framing the fine sandy beach will soothe your mind. Depending on the time of day you visit, a trip to the coast, with its cool breezes and refreshing water temperatures, provides the perfect antidote to the warm inland sun. This protected bay is popular with kayaking enthusiasts, its gentle and clear waves proving to be attractive to swimmers and divers. There are also toilets and showers for public use and several restaurants for hungry beachgoers.

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6. Monemvasia – Peloponnese in Greece


The magnificent cliffs that lead directly into the Aegean Sea highlight the beauty of this ancient stone village which is connected to the Peloponnese mainland via a causeway. People have lived here for at least a thousand years, the many medieval buildings attract visitors with their beautiful simplicity. The rocky outcrop provided protection for the village during the invasion and is now widely used as a photographic object. The ocean is the center of attention on this small island, where you can enjoy a variety of water sports including scuba diving, sea kayaking, and snorkeling.

7. Nafplio

Best Places in Peloponnese in Greece - Nafplio

The next Best Place in Peloponnese in Greece is Nafplio. Located on the coast and renowned as a port city, this historic city overlooks the ocean and offers a great view of modern Greek village life with its quaint town square, sidewalk cafes, and 400 Palamidi Forts. If you’re a history buff, the historic Venice Headquarters, built on Syntagma Square houses the city’s archaeological museum, with exhibits illustrating Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman City influences. Visitors who need relaxation can head to Karathona Beach, a white sandy beach with pleasant views.

Well, those are some of the best places you should visit in Peloponnese, Greece. How? Curious?

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