New Year Events in London With Interesting Attractions

New Year Events in London – If you want to celebrate the new year in a cool place, then London is the answer! Host spectacular fireworks displays, lavish boat parties, as well as a lively food and drink festival. Well, this article will show you why celebrating New Year in London should be considered for the next new year!

Luxury Ship Party

The first New Year Events in London is Luxury Ship Party. London is known for its boat tours held every New Year’s Eve, you can attend the most lavish party attended by various ships that will circle the Thames at night until the turn of New Year’s Eve. Most will travel along routes that will show you London’s top sights, such as Big Ben, Albert Bridge, Chelsea Bridge, and Millennium Footbridge. If you are interested, find a ship that has the facilities you need. Many cruise ships offer dance floors, restaurant lounges, and bars. You can find a boat to suit your taste, from an energetic dance theme night to a more romantic and elegant cruise to spend as a couple.

Luxury Ship Party new year event in LONDON

London Fireworks (New Year Events in London)

If you love fireworks displays, then don’t miss the New Year’s fireworks celebration in London. Usually, tourists take advantage of this opportunity to chat with local residents or with fellow tourists. The fireworks display on New Year’s Eve usually lasts more than 10 minutes, but before that, you can enjoy live music to add to the memories and experience of watching a fireworks display in London.

London Fireworks on New Year

Food & Drink

The next New Year Events in London is Food and Drink. As a country rich in culinary delights, you definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity. From casual dining to 4-course gourmet dishes, you will find culinary delights to suit your taste buds. Likewise, with champagne, you can fill your glass in almost any restaurant, pub, bar, and club. From cocktail bars to fancier clubs, you’ll be in the middle of a truly memorable party.

Food and Drink on New Year event

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Ice Bar Party (New Year Events in London)

This Ice Bar party takes place in the heart of London. Famous around the world for this party aims to keep the temperature of the bar at minus five degrees equipped with ice and furniture made from ice from the Thorne River in Sweden. One of the things that makes this Ice Bar Party so spectacular is that every six months the ice is completely reconstructed and redesigned, so be prepared for spectacular views.

Ice Bar Party

New Year’s Eve Comedy

The next New Year Events in London is New Year’s Eve Comedy. London has long hosted some of the best comedy clubs. Attend a show at the world-famous Comedy Store, where famous comedians like Mike Gunn, Ian Stone, and Sean Collins perform. Other London comedy clubs with laughs are the Top Secret Comedy Club and Monkey Business Kentish Town. By buying a ticket to the show you have food to fill your stomach and you can laugh until the night of the new year.

New Year's Eve Comedy

London is a great place to celebrate the new year. You will definitely remember this amazing experience for the rest of your life!

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