Solden Ski Resort Austria

Solden Ski Resort Austria – Solden may be a world-renowned skiing facility that’s often mentioned because of the home of skiing in Austria. With views that are simply breath-taking, the countered Rockies also are home to tourists from around the world that visit hebdomadally to experience the slopes that aren’t only challenging, yet also custom-built within the case of certain slaloms. Solden is additionally an excellent place to find out skiing with expert teaching facilities, and a team of 20+ available to assist new skiers to learn, and experienced skiers improve.

Location of Solden Ski Resort

The resort is found around 50 miles out with Innsbruck and 20 miles west of Otztal. As you’ll imagine the world is devoted to Skiing, with hotels and guest houses attempting to leverage skiing upon their brand, to draw in a loyal customer base from the slopes. this is often something that has worked, and with 6,500 snowboarders also choosing to hit the Solden slopes hebdomadally Austria’s skiing capital is showing no signs of regression.

With the increased popularity of skiing activities in Solden, the corporate operating the slopes has quite 20 instructors performing at just one occasion, putting wind behind their suggestion that over 1000 new skiers start on their slopes hebdomadally.


With the increase of snowboarding attracting a teenage audience, Solden has attempted to accommodate, through offering drinking facilities and clubs nearby, where the teenagers on vacation can chill in the dark, after a tough day on the slopes. The fun and entertainment don’t stop at clubs, or 5-star hotels for that matter, Solden is additionally home to the Solden Firework Display, providing 2 hours of fireworks every second evening. the design of the fireworks, because the light flashes off the snow are just amazing and this is often one among many reasons why Solden is famed for character and personality, over and above its Austrian counterparts.

So what other features set Solden aside from the rest? Offering already dark activities under the fireworks, it’s possible to ski and snowboard under floodlights. this is often something that has not only attracted skiers from around the world but also internationally renowned DJs and musicians that feel the cool and hip Solden slopes may be a perfect place to hold out.


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Skiing in the dark may appear to be a really dangerous activity, however I evean have been assured that only basic slaloms are allowed which the night is primarily aimed toward snowboarders, that doesn’t cover the maximum amount distance on aboard. Austria’s Solden slope has hosted many events to a worldwide and European audience, and even as would be expected, the gang and therefore the competitors both enjoyed the event, with the winner being a native Austrian himself at the last Stella Artios Cup, that seen over 500 competitors from nearly 40 countries participating.

With the increase of snowboarding, great skiing locations like Solden Ski Resort Austria do everyone proud of maintaining skiing also. Through welcoming the snowboarding community with open arms, we are ready to see a unity between the sports at the Solden peeks, and that we also are seeing younger children being exposed to Skiing, through choosing to travel snowboarding and seeing it there.

Whether you’re a young child or an adult, whether you’ve got skied or snowboarded before, Solden is that the best location in Europe and throughout the planet for skiing activities on a recreational and competitive level. With deep snow, and a firm texture I might recommend Solden to completely anyone.

The ski tow is newly fitted making it a really smooth and cozy ride. The lift covers over 20 miles and was voted the third-best ski tow within the entire world. With excellent accommodation and among the simplest snowboarding and skiing facilities within the world, I might recommend Solden Ski Resort Austria to anyone looking to experience skiing for the primary time, or someone looking to require their skiing to subsequent level through riding a challenging slalom.

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