15 Best Cities To Visit In Spain

Best Cities To Visit In Spain – Spain is one of the countries in Europe that has many historical places, fantastic monuments, many buildings with beautiful architecture, and some beautiful gardens make it very suitable to be visited during the holiday season.

Spain is also home to many world-class restaurants and lively bars dotting the streets, where locals and tourists alike can gather to enjoy the atmosphere together. If you are planning to visit the country, then here are 15 cities in Spain that are perfect for a vacation.


Barcelona city, best places - Best Cities To Visit In Spain

The first Best Cities To Visit In Spain is Barcelona. It is one of the stunning tourist cities in Spain to explore, thanks to its incredible architecture. The city is home to narrow alleyways, grand cathedrals, and peaceful squares, while there are also some of Gaudi’s inspiring creations, such as La Sagrada Familia. This seaside town also has some great seafood restaurants to try, as well as beautiful city beaches with a variety of water activities to enjoy.

Madrid (Best Cities To Visit In Spain)

Madrid Spanyol

This city in the center of Spain is a stunning place to behold. This is because, in the city of Madrid there are many buildings with a very varied and magnificent architectural style, with palaces and mansions adjacent to each other with more contemporary buildings dotting each end of the street. The city is full of art and culture, its unique gastronomic culinary show.


Best Cities To Visit In Spain - Sevilla

The next Best Cities To Visit In Spain is Sevilla. This popular city for its Gothic cathedral has some great bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Apart from that, the city is a lot of fun to visit during the Feria de April and the Semana Santa festival, which is really big. Plus, when you visit Seville, you’ll be greeted with some amazing palaces, churches, and streets to explore, with the medieval Jewish quarter being a popular tourist destination.

Salamanca (Best Cities To Visit In Spain)

Salamanca Spain

Salamanca is a city in Spain with a graceful feel. When you visit this city, you will find many beautiful and elegant buildings dating back to the Spanish Golden Age. With two stunning cathedrals, a number of Renaissance palaces, churches, museums, and galleries make it a magical place to explore.

Las Palmas

Las Palmas- best Cities To Visit In Spain


The city of Las Palmas has a stunning view thanks to its captivating mix of African, Chinese, and Indian influences. This port city is also known as a fun place to spend time on weekends. In Las Palmas, the oldest part of town has upscale bars and boutiques, while some the great restaurant is hidden on the corner of the street. In addition, you are also obliged to visit Playa de las Canteras, a beach that is suitable for relaxing.


Alicante spain for vacation

Alicante is a tourist city in Spain that has an international airport and a number of resorts along its beautiful coastline. Throughout the year, many tourists always visit the beaches in this city. The Mediterranean seafront, Old Town area, castles, museums, and more are just a few of the factors why this city is a must-visit. A bustling place with great dining options and legendary nightlife makes this city a great place to visit on weekends.

Valencia (Best Cities To Visit In Spain)

Valencia spain for vacation

The next Best Cities To Visit In Spain is Valencia. Spain is the third-largest city in Spain which has many attractions to woo tourists. Valencia has an interesting variety of cultures, vibrant nightlife, and beautiful beaches that will make you feel at home. With beautiful, leafy gardens that weave along the old riverbed that cuts through the middle, it makes for an Instagrammable location in Spain.


Granada Spain - Best city to visit

Granada is a tourist city located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains and in central Andalucia, which, for centuries, was ruled by the Moors. This Spanish city is rich in history which can be seen through its ancient streets and some of its stunning architecture.

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Best city in spain to visit - Malaga

When you visit the city, you will find many art galleries have sprung up in recent years – which seems appropriate since Malaga is Picasso’s birthplace. Apart from that, the city also has some amazing historical sites, such as an amphitheater dating back to Roman times and a Moorish fort. After you are satisfied with visiting some of these historical places, you can relax in some of the bars and restaurants that serve delicious Spanish specialties.


Cordoba Spain

The next Best Cities To Visit In Spain is Cordoba. The city that was once known as the largest city in Western Europe has magnificent building architecture and is often an attraction for tourists. Cordoba is a great place to be, as there are historical sites to explore and building architecture to enjoy. In addition, the city also has many restaurants and bars that you can visit after a day of exploring the city of Cordoba.


travel to Cadiz spain

Cadis is one of the oldest cities in Europe, completely surrounded by the Atlantic, and in the past, a lot of wealth has flowed into its ports from America. This gives the city luxurious houses amidst old church buildings, while cafes and small restaurants fill its winding streets. With delicious seafood, a friendly atmosphere, and sandy beaches, this city is a must-visit for you.

Zaragoza (Best Cities To Visit In Spain)

Zaragoza Spain - Best Cities To Visit In Spain

Zaragoza is a popular city for its Basilica del Pilar, a beautiful landmark above the waters of the Rio Ebro. Apart from that, Zaragoza is also known as the fifth-largest city in Spain and has a fantastic wealth of architecture to explore, with some ancient Roman remains and much more. With the famous painter, Goya, born here, there are many galleries displaying fantastic art and tapas scenes as well as plenty of bars where you can relax.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Islands with beautiful views. The city has a beautiful old cathedral towering over the sea and many historical sites of Moorish, Roman, and Talayotic origin. While Gothic cathedrals are arguably the main tourist destinations, exploring the medieval streets lined with old townhouses is another thing that is also a lot of fun.

Bilbao (Best Cities To Visit In Spain)


The city, which sits along the banks of the Rio Nervion river in northern Spain, is famous for its iconic Guggenheim museum. Not only that, but the city also has many architectural wonders that line its beautiful waterfront, combining traditional and contemporary styles, with several delightful cathedrals dotted around the city. In addition, lush gardens and many plazas surrounded by world-class restaurants make this city very suitable for those of you who crave a relaxed holiday atmosphere.

San Sebastian

Best Cities To Visit In Spain - San Sebastian

The next Best Cities To Visit In Spain is San Sebastian. With many beautiful beaches and stunning green hills, San Sebastián is a tourist city in Spain that is suitable for holidays. The city is full of magnificent buildings and a number of cultural attractions. With a myriad of music, arts, and cultural festivals taking place throughout the year, the rich Basque culture is one on a show for all to enjoy. In addition, there are many choices of world-famous dining places making San Sebastián a city that is always a destination when the holidays arrive.


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