Best Places in Europe To Visit in December

Best Places in Europe To Visit in December – Europe may be a stunning continent crammed with unique destinations for travelers to go to. While many flock thereto during the summer months, the winter is particularly an excellent time to tour the various countries also.

In winter and summer, all year long. The trick is to understand where to go to. We are Europeans and we’ve visited the large cities and hidden gems at different times of the year.

December particularly may be a highlight as many countries are celebrating the vacation season with festivals and delightful decorations that can’t be seen any time else during the year.

However, it is often difficult to pinpoint the simplest European countries to go to in December. Below you’ll find a number of the Best Places in Europe To Visit in December.


The first is Norway. The Land of the atmospheric phenomenon is one of the foremost magical places to go to in December. Because the times lack adequate sunlight, this provides you with many opportunities to look at the colorful aurora borealis.

Norway - Best Places in Europe To Visit in December


You can also check in to travel dog sledding with knowledge through the snowy forests to ascertain landscapes you’d rather be unable to. Other popular winter activities to undertake in December are snowshoeing in the dark, whale watching tours in its fjords, or exploring the local towns to undertake some warm traditional meals, like Lefse.

If you’re trying to find special cultural experiences, you’ll visit a chic ice hotel or take a reindeer sleigh through the snow to ascertain the Lyngen Alps. However, confine in mind that December does tend to be the chilliest month of the year here, so confirm to bundle up when out.


The next Best Places in Europe To Visit in December is France.  This romantic country is understood for its Christmas decorations in December that grace the streets, like lamp posts covered in garlands and strings of twinkling lights hung above the sidewalks. you’ll also stop by its capital Paris to travel shopping at department shops, like Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, which is understood to make a number of the foremost spectacular holiday window displays.

France tourism in December

Besides shopping, you’ll visit the Alsace region famous for its Christmas Markets. The region is transformed into a Christmas Wonderland and you’ll explore each of the Christmas Markets to seek out handcrafted goods to shop for or try some traditional Christmas food. Famous Christmas markets within the area are those in the cities of Strasbourg and Colmar.

However, if you’re trying to find something a touch more adventurous during some time in France, December is additionally perfect for skiing. The Alps are home to several ski resorts you’ll occupy, like Val d’Isère, which features a number of the most important amounts of snow in Europe. you’ll also inspect Val Thorens which offers spectacular views of the Alps and is one of the very best ski resorts on the continent.

Finland (Best Places in Europe To Visit in December)

While many consider Finland as a tranquil place to go to during the summer to enjoy lush forests and strawberries, it’s even as beautiful during December. While here, you’ll venture to Lapland, Ylläs, or Levi to look at the dazzling aurora borealis unobscured.

Finland tourism in December

In addition to the present, you’ll also venture to Rovaniemi. This city, the capital of Lapland, isn’t just one of the highest places to look at the aurora borealis but is home to the long-lasting Santa Claus Village. Rovaniemi is taken into account to be the official home of Santa Claus and you’ll explore his village to ascertain elves hard at work, take reindeer rides, find out how to form igloos, and luxuriate in some soothing cocoa.

Italy (Best Places in Europe To Visit in December)

December is additionally an excellent time to go to Italy, especially Northern Italy and therefore the Dolomites. These areas are home to many beautiful ski resorts that provide you with breathtaking views of the encompassing mountains. as an example, Cervinia may be a reliable place during December for even snow cover and is understood for its towering height making it perfect for ski enthusiasts.

The Carezza resort is additionally ideal because it provides many winding trails for you to enjoy and features a small inn where you’ll grab a warm meal when you’re done exploring the outside.

Best Places in Europe To Visit in December in Italy

You’ll also find an honest sort of Christmas markets you’ll patronize in Italy, especially within the Dolomites. as an example, the Bolzano Christmas Market is one among the most important in Italy and contains many unique handcrafted items you’ll buy, like ornaments and knitted clothing pieces. There’s also the Brunico Christmas Market which is understood for its emphasis on Advent traditions and delicious culinary treats.

Besides these, there are Christmas parades throughout the country, a lightweight festival in Florence you’ll attend, and many living Nativity scenes you’ll view. You’ll also find that a lot of the favored attractions within the country, like the Trevi Fountain, are much less crowded during December making this month ideal to go to Italy.


The next Best Places in Europe To Visit in December is Austria. It is another beautiful destination to venture to during December. The country features many Christmas markets you’ll attend, most of which supply scenic views and homemade goods you’ll buy. one among the foremost popular is that the Vienna hall Christmas Market. Situated ahead of the historic hall, this market is understood for being illuminated with nothing quite strung lights and candles. It also features choirs singing traditional Christmas carols and many Christmas cookies you’ll taste test.

Austria tourism in December

Another popular Christmas Market to go to in Austria is that the Salzburg Christmas Market. Believed to possess been started in 1491, it’s considered to be one of the oldest markets within the country. The market rests beneath the shadow of a historic church which rings its bells occasionally as you shop through the stalls. It’s also known for its selection of roasted chestnuts, baked apples, and nativity scenes.

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Switzerland (Best Places in Europe To Visit in December)

While a little country, Switzerland is one among the simplest destinations to venture to during December because of its rich culture. You’ll find many outdoor activities you’ll do, like skiing and tobogganing. one among the simplest places to enjoy winter sports though is within the Interlaken area. This resort town lies beneath the Alps and offers a couple of forests and glaciers you’ll explore.

Best Places in Europe To Visit in December in Switzerland

The town is additionally home to St. Bernards which sometimes roam around with their famous barrels around their neck. Switzerland is additionally home to many Christmas markets you’ll patronize. You’ll find various sorts of chocolate and fondue dishes you’ll taste and handmade goods you’ll buy while at one. Many choirs also stop by and sing traditional carols.

If you would like to experience Europe in a unique way, definitely consider stopping by during the month of December. While it’d be a touch chilly, the crowds tend to be much smaller providing you with many opportunities to look at and knowledge things that might rather be too crowded and expensive to go to.

United Kingdom

The next Best Places in Europe To Visit in December is UK (United Kingdom). It may be a charming place to go to during December. you’ll stop by London to look at a number of its intricate Christmas decorations and shopping in its commissary. You’ll find many of the local streets are converted into a winter wonderland you’ll explore and buy goodies at. you’ll also stop by historic Harrods to seek out unique toys and gifts to shop for also as it’s Christmas Grotto.

United Kingdom Tourism in December

While within the UK you’ll also visit the Edinburgh Christmas Market. This six-week festival isn’t only crammed with numerous stalls you’ll patronize, but rides, concerts, and lots of events also. One popular event at the market is that the “24 Doors of Advent.” this is often where you’ll be taken on a guided tour through the town and “open” an area door every day of Advent.


The next Best Places in Europe To Visit in December is Germany. It may be a popular destination during December for several reasons, but especially for its famous Christmas markets. The country is home to many different markets that every have their own unique personality and goods.

Germany Tourism in December

Some of the simplest Christmas markets to explore while here are the Cologne Christmas Market (which rests beneath the majestic Cologne Cathedral), the Aachen Christmas Market (known for its traditional printed- – a kinda spicy gingerbread), and therefore the Frankfurt Christmas Market (one of the most important in Germany).

Besides the markets, you’ll also go skiing on its mountains, ride a steam train through the snow-covered forests, or stop by the Stollen Festival to undertake a number of this iconic German dessert for yourself.

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